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KC-Trockenperlen/Sorbead (Silica gel)

kctrockenperlenSteiner Chemie offers KC-Trockenperlen/Sorbead (Silica gel) at the lowest price. In addition, we offer a comprehensive all-round package to meet your specific requirements in terms of packaging unit, delivery date, and product quality. Have a look for yourself:

Flexible quantities

You need a certain quantity of KC-Trockenperlen/Sorbead (Silica gel)? Not more and not less? No problem. We will deliver exactly the quantity you need, in a bucket, in a barrel, in a BigPack, a bag, a can, … whatever you may need.

Prompt delivery

The KC-Trockenperlen/Sorbead (Silica Gel) are on their way to you within 24 hours from receipt of your order - that’s guaranteed, as we always have a large stock.

Mixed adsorbents

We offer mixed adsorbents, i.e., adsorbents with and without indicator: You may identify moisture even if only half of the adsorbents changes colour. Save 25% on mixed adsorbents from Steiner Chemie u. Labortechnik.

More info about Sorbead (KC-Trockenperlen, silica gel) on steiner-chemie.com

Seven tons of Silica gel sold to South Africa
Sorbead (KC-Trockenperlen, silica gel) delivered to British Virgin Islands

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